A Trial Lawyer Who Has Extensive Knowledge Of Business And Personal Injury Laws

Whether you are involved in a business dispute or a disagreement over property or have been the victim of another's negligence, we take the time to learn the harm you have suffered from your perspective first to fully address your concerns. The law firm of Harris & Greenwell, based in Corpus Christi, Texas, has a long-standing reputation for integrity and business-savvy guidance in resolving disputes.

We pride ourselves on viewing each case we litigate from the perspective of our valued clients.

Our top priority is always focused on diligently protecting the best interests of our clients in obtaining the most favorable outcome. To that end, when you team up with our firm, we will explain all of your legal options. We strive to provide comprehensive information concerning the cost-benefit analysis of proceeding to trial or settling a matter to allow our clients to make cost-effective and informed decisions.

We are experienced in all manner of civil litigation, including:

  • Business law disputes and commercial litigation: Our approach in resolving business and commercial disputes is focused on helping our clients achieve success while protecting business interests.
  • Personal injury matters: If you or a loved one has suffered harm in an accident, you likely have many questions regarding your rights and your financial security. Our compassionate approach to personal injury and wrongful death matters is backed by more than 20 years of experience.
  • Civil appeals: Not all civil trial lawyers are familiar with the rules in appellate matters in state or federal court, or competent to handle civil appeals. However, our firm has extensive experience in handling appeals for our civil trial clients, both in defending trial court judgments and in contesting them on appeal, in both state and federal courts of civil appeal. We also represent clients whom we may not have represented in the trial process in civil appeals.

Our law firm has substantial experience in all levels of dispute resolution. We know that civil litigation depends on proper preparation and presentation of a case at every stage of a civil proceeding. Attorney Andrew M. Greenwell is a skilled negotiator, a tenacious trial attorney and respected appellate lawyer who knows how to present a case and protect the record. The firm's versatility includes substantial experience in trial court, as well as in providing seasoned guidance to clients in forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration.

Turn To A Respected Litigator With More Than 20 Years Of Courtroom And Appellate Experience

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